With generator xm when you do a bioscan, it will take the ten loudest frequencies and may not pick up your actual disease as it isn't as loud. Does that apply with GX? Or will it pick up tour disease because you have placed the pads near your problem?

Assuming the tens pads are in the same position when comparing Spooky Pulse BFB with GenX BFB and there is a significant gap between the problem area and say both tens pads over the same frequency range as Spooky Pulse, then, GenX is unlikely to report the same hits as Spooky Pulse as the (hit) signal to noise ratio is too low. 

The closer you place the tens pads with GenX BFB to the problem area the more likely you are to detect the problem you are looking for as you are more likely have a higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

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