I would like to get some expert opinions on treating Spondilytis using GeneratorX.

1. Sorry for this condition.
I'm not an expert. I have some experience.
My wife has spodilolistesis, ad suspect sponilitis ankilo. I have few spooky old one rife machine from almost 1yar. I use other rife machine in the past.
Is not easy to rife this mysterious disease. I believe that the solutions are hidden in the database but we have to try many and see what it work for you.
I would start with some healing presets, load an healing program like, spine problem.
Run this in contact, remote, coil in the night,
And see avter 3 days if it is pleasant.
You can run in remote the ready made preset song of the spine and see.
I run for my wife a lot of programs,
Healing one related to the spine, back etc,
And killing ones related to probable pathogens,
I learn how yo to muscle test to find the right program.
After few moth, we can see that her back condition improves, ban not solved.
You can also learn how to use frequencies of drugs , if you need a pain killer.
Manuel Mallo make a nice preset for mms frequencies that you can find in this forum.
Whit you GenX you can learn how to scan pathogens, that maybe related to this condition, and kill them.
I hope that will help.

2. It would be interesting to see what results you would get from a lumbar picture (spinal tap) and grow a culture from it so you could scan it with GeneratorX.

For more details, please check the link:

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