Do you have a hint for me where I could find good information about the work of Rife?

If you do a search for Original Rife Frequencies you will find much to read. A good portion are between 700 kHz to 1.6 MHz, but the British Rife Research group made a good argument that some or all may in fact be 4 octaves higher -- with BX not being 1.604 MHz, but 12.832 MHz for instance.

One thing that I did not elaborate on from your earlier question was on harmonics.

Yes waveforms produce their own harmonic spread. Sine waves do not, but all fundamentals have their octal harmonics regardless of waveform.

So when you target 1.604 MHz, 12.832 is tickled, and vice versa -- even if you use a sine wave.

The simple fact is that 12 Hz has 12 nodes, and 6 Hz has half as many nodes that line up exactly with every other node of 12 Hz. So if something is fundamentally resonant at 6 Hz, if you hit it with 12, you will still excite those 6 nodes and elicit sympathetic resonance albeit with less power.

Rife was able to visually confirm his target was devitalized by the frequency he dialed in. However, he too was limited to a degree what range he worked in.

It was by analyzing two entirely different Rife machines that used separate methods to generate frequencies that the BRRG was able to make the case that 12.832 MHz was generated by both devices, and thus may actually be the MOR responsible for devitalizing BX.

It is the holy grail of Rife experimenters to find the fundamental MOR for a target. However, we should be happy enough with a frequency that elicits results, as we work on finding the better frequency to use.


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