What exactly is Mickie's Magic Three frequencies? I have found it in a lot of frequencies list.

Bruce Stenulson has reported on a set of frequencies he calls "Mickie's Magic Three." This consists of 324, 528, and 15Hz in that order for three minutes each. They are called MM3 for short. These frequencies have been reported as helping with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, muscle spasms and more.

From http://www.stenulson.net/althealth/emanecdt.htm


My name is Mickie Williams. I met Bruce some 15 years ago in Breckenridge CO. He and his wife Mary were instrumental in introducing my husband Glenn and I. After a wonderful 2 year friendship, Glenn and I moved away. After a few years, as often happens, time and distance caused to loose touch. But thanks to the Internet, after 13 years, we found them again.

It was not just wonderful to renew our friendship, but we discovered what Bruce had been up to, and his involvement in alternative health research. This was great news for me because my health had been deteriorating rapidly over the past 3 years.

I told Bruce about the 2 heart attacks I had the previous year and the sudden onslaught of Rheumatoid Arthritis that had kept me in constant, terrible, demobilizing pain. I also had been diagnosed as Bipolar, Manic. He explained the EM+ and I asked him if I could try it. We just played with it a while and tried a few different frequencies (324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz) then we all went off to bed.

The next morning I woke up after a wonderful nights sleep, and as I always do, I sat up slowly and reached for the wall to help myself out of bed. I was braced for the pain that always greeted me on arising. But I stopped in my tracks when I realized that my hand opened and closed just like a normal person. AND NO PAIN!!!! I was so excited I wanted to tell my husband so I JUMPED out of bed and TROTTED down the stairs and again, stopped in my tracks. I looked back and realized I had done all this with NO PAIN!!!! As I write this I still can't believe it!

The whole day I was able to bend and stoop and walk like a real person. This was just from a few minutes of playing around with the EM+. That night I begged him to let me use it again. He did, of course, and this morning I, again, popped out of bed, and bounced down the stairs and felt like a million dollars. My mood was high and stable and best of all my blood pressure was 142/80. the lowest it had been sense my son was born 34 years ago. My pressure always ran around 180/195 or 200. This is truly magic. And keep in mind that this all took place at an elevation of 10,300 ft. WOW!!!!!

I am planning to start a journal of sorts here on the net so if you are interested in the long term effects you can follow my progress. I can't wait to see what new miracles will occur!!!!!



A friend, Marie, in the midst of an ongoing battle with elevated blood sugar levels and elevated blood pressure, stopped by this afternoon. She asked to try the EM+, so we set up a double bubble tube and had her place her bare feet on the stainless steel foot plate. We determined her personal "comfort level' as to the power output level setting, and used the "Magic Three" frequencies that our friend Mickie found to produce such dramatic results:

324 Hz, 528 Hz, 15 Hz for about 4 minutes each, in that sequential order.

She reflected that she generally felt better - more relaxed, etc., after this brief session. She went home to check her blood pressure & blood sugar levels.

Afternoons normally see her blood sugar higher than mornings; with a reading of 183 this morning, and having never seen it below 150 in many months, she was pleasantly surprised to report a reading of 120 late this afternoon.

Afternoons also normally show her blood pressure elevated; this afternoon, it tested 122 over 76 ... the lowest she can remember in a long time.
We'll be getting updates periodically on Marie's progress.


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