What the radiation level of a Spooky generator in remote mode? Is it dangerous to stay permanently next to it?

IMO your computer is more of a problem if you are using Wi-Fi connected devices and that includes keyboards and mice. If you have a Wireless Router and don't use the wireless function you are wise to turn it off. In older laptops you had a switch to disable Wi-Fi. In Windows 10 Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi -> Wi-Fi ->Off.
If you are using wireless keyboard and or wireless mouse you will still need Wi-Fi connection. In my case I have a LAN cable connection to the internet point and have USB cable on both Keyboard and mouse.

Your computer/laptop and Spooky generators have some screening to reduce the level of radio frequency (RF) emissions.

Your mobile phone is probably your greatest risk of exposure to more damaging RF emissions particularly when you are speaking (transmitting) as the RF levels are significantly higher than when listening (receiving). I use a pair of headphones or the car hands free as much as possible. The Wi-Fi RF emissions inside a car are probably more problematic than that of being in a room with an iron roof as the radio waves will be reflected more by the metal surfaces.

I try to keep my mobile phone as far as practical away from my head and try to minimize carrying my mobile phone in my pocket.

Other sources of RF emissions would be wireless security systems in the office/work area and home.


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