What values do you set up GeneratorX scan range to cover only the cancer band?

1. We only really know of two. BX and BY. BX is 1.604 MHz, hence the 1.5 - 1.7 MHz range which also includes where BY is recorded.

BX true fundamental is 4 octaves higher per British Rife Group at 12.832 MHz, hence the 11 - 13 MHz range. This range also would include BY at this power band. However the results of this range can only be appreciated using Remote and Contact, as Plasma would have to convert it back down into the 1.604 MHz range.

With the Pulse, it is impossible to scan a very large frequency range due to time. So we scan around the known values and let the 76 kHz - 152 kHz cover a full octal range -- albeit it does not cover directly the known cancer frequency power band. 1.604 MHz would be detected as 100,250 Hz in the octal scan the Pulse uses by default.

Neither of the two cancer scans are full octal scans, they just get you closer to the known fundamentals, and being narrower in focus, should increase the odds of detecting frequencies that are related to BX and BY.

There is no way you are going to; without the visual ability to isolate, target, and confirm, scan just the so called cancer range, unless of course you are willing to consider the two already defined as good enough.

With the GX, you are still best served by scanning the entire 41 kHz to 18 MHz range. It will pull out of the body the largest issues the body prioritizes, which most certainly contributes to cancer if one is facing this issue.

If you still wish to scan the areas around the known values, you can continue to use the zCancer and aHigh scan ranges. Just load and then convert the scan type from BPM to one of the GX types. However, it is already covered by the full GX scan range.

Please note that all frequencies returned by both the zCancer and aHigh Freq are not guaranteed to be for cancer. You have only increased the odds that you will detect resonant frequencies in the same power band that the known values are in.

A very distinct difference than what I think you feel biofeedback does.

2. As GX is so fast compared to Pulse biofeedback (BFB) scanning the range has been increased. We now know that bacteria can morph into other forms so having such a broad range on a GX BFB scan gives us a catch all sweep. I recommend that you stay with the default GX BFB settings.

3. The cancer frequencies are not really known, the frequencies Royal Rife are thought to be known. You probably would do best to use all frequencies found by the GenX preset, for in some way they may apply to a cancerous condition or affected body part relating to cancer.

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