I'm wondering when switching between remote mode and contact mode, does Spooky software have to restart to recognize the new connection and does the spooky pulse have to always be connected when using contact mode?

Spooky2 only needs closing and restarting in order to recognize new hardware that you want to connect, such as Spooky Pulse. Personally, I keep Pulse connected all the time so that I don't have to do this. You only need Spooky Pulse when you're doing a biofeedback scan, but it does no harm to keep it connected to your computer. (You can see what's connected by clicking the System tab.)

As for switching between Remote and Contact, you just need to stop whichever one you're using and Click the "Presets" tab, then the "Go to Home directory" icon. Next, you click on >Shell (Empty) Presets and click either >Contact or >Remote. You need to do this because the Amplitude (see top left pane in Settings tab) is different for Remote and Contact. If you do a Contact session using a Remote preset, the Amplitude will be 5V, and you'll get a shock through the hand cylinders. For Contact, you'll see that the Amplitude is 20V.

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