I have doubts with time of the program because I read in PDF that if you run more time one prostate program it makes the contrary effect.

1. If a frequency is killing a pathogen, there is no running it more will make it worse". If a frequency is to "normalize" or "Balance", then too much shouldn't be a problem - as long as there are 3 or more frequencies being rotated.

2. I don't see why the program can not be used continuously. Then again, I'm no expert. I can't foresee running it continuously to be bad. You can always stop it if you start experiencing discomfort.

I believe you're referring to "frequency fatigue" which happens when you run ONE frequency for too long. This program has 6 which cycle through every few minutes, so you should be fine in that regard. The only thing I can't say is for the actual program itself.

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