Killing mold will cause mold to multiply and give off way more spores and mycotoxins. How do you know you're getting rid of the spores and mycotoxins with the Spooky and not creating a greater concentration of spores?

1. The one rifing need a to have some knowledge and not think they can rife one time or one program and be done. Especially mold - it takes investigative work. And likely will take multiple modalities (rife + supplements + environment control) to overcome the situation.

We must detox detox detox and drink our gallon of water a day. Run multiple programs. Take away the food that feed the critters. Rife the make the critters home uncomfortable. In this situation rife mycotoxins and the specific mold - not just once or for one week but like for a few months.

You are right - we must think much broader than just to rife for said ailment.

2. The are so many aspects to life, there is rarely one answer to everything. Spooky is just one tool - albeit, a very powerful one, to help us gain control of what is going on internally.

Yes, when killing mold within a residence, it is often suggested to leave or air the place during the killing to not get a high concentration of the toxins given off by the mold...

We also suggest the Footbath (with the Preset in the software) as the settings in it have been shown to help rid the mold toxins from the body.

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