There is no presets for HC or KHZ programs in my database for contact mode. How can I use these programs in contact mode? Should I change the remote preset and how?

The HC or KHZ presets were added to mirror the suggested starting point for these frequency programs as described in the user manual. Many users requested that a shell preset be created to make it easier to implement.

As described in the notes:
Note: This is not the only way to apply frequency sets from the HC or KHZ database.

The frequency programs can be used like any other frequency, meaning in any preset shell of your choice, and are not limited to just the settings as described by the HC or KHZ preset.

The contact version was removed due to the fact that the suggested starting point for these sets implemented a positive offset.

It was later determined that positive offsets in contact mode could potentially be problematic to users, and so all contact presets that made use of a positive offset were removed long ago.

The remote version remains as there is no issues with positive offsets with remote use.

The standard Killing (C) - JW preset is equally usable if you do not find any others you would like to try.

For more details, please check the link:

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