How do I find the right program after scanning? The frequencies was very high like 93100 Where do I find the program to treat this?

1. The frequencies you get back after a scan are the program. After you save your results, you can find it by name or by scrolling to the bottom of the list in the programs tab.

First start with a shell preset of choice. For instance, Killing (R) - JW

Locate the saved frequency program you made earlier, and load it.

Then on the control window, check Allow Generator Overwrites and load it to the generator of choice to run.

The biofeedback process is not a diagnostic tool, nor is it a primary means to try and find another frequency program to run.

It has already found the frequencies that elicited the best response in your body, so we use the returned frequencies as is.

2. YES, just like mike stated above, don't forget to resume the detox using the remote after scan kill. I have a remote dedicated to the terrain-mercury detox going 24/7 except for when I am scanning. It has been running nonstop for over 4 months or so, so I tend to forget about mentioning that. anytime you are not actively scanning, your generators should be running remote with detoxes or bettering programs for health and healing. I am unsure how much they will help you, but anything from some to a lot will be better than nothing yes?

On a side not, I have ran my mother on a separate remote for 3 months, and every time she stated she felt "sickly" I would run home and check her generator and it would be on liver detox step. after 3 times and it doing the same thing, I thought it funny as she is diabetic. And truly other than those days, she is looking much younger and more energetic than she has in years in her "mature" years. Now she no longer gets sickly on those liver days either, and she has been getting glowing reports from the lab test and doctors. So the point of this is, run the remotes nonstop unless you are scanning or running contact, and if you have multiples, run nonstop unless scanning.

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