How to set a fixed carrier frequency and then amplitude modulate it when using GeneratorX.

I have to confirm this myself, and will do so by looking at the output with a scope. However as I understand it, you perform the following.

1. You have to ensure you are connected to Out 1 only. Do not use a boosted port.

2. You need to set the waveform for both Out 1 and Out 2 to what you want to use. Do not use inverse+sync. Suggest the same waveform for both to start. This will allow you to check the Modulate Out 1 option.

3. Set the offset for Out 2 = 100.

4. After checking the Modulate Out 1 option, specify your carrier frequency. Set Out 2 = Out 1 x 0 + (carrier) - [unchecked] Hz in the Output Shadowing area of the Settings tab.

5. Finally, check Swap Frequencies + Amplitudes for Out 1 and Out 2 so that the carrier goes to Out 1, and is modulated by the frequencies loaded into the program.

As far as the program runs, it looks correct. I just have to confirm that it does result in the expected output.

For more details, please check the link:

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