Can anyone tell me about the 2 sides of the PEMF? I heard you are only supposed to use one side towards the body! Is this true? which side?

When connected to the Spooky Central, the orientation is important. The SC uses a polarized output, so you will want to aim the PEMF coil with the BN side towards the body. This ensures that the output matches the North Pole or Bio-North as it is called. This carries with it a negative magnetic field bias which has been shown to be better for the life processes than a positive oriented field.

When connected to the XM or GX directly, since we are using an alternating current, either side will work as the field is constantly flipping.

If you happen to use an offset due to custom programming, then use of the BN side towards the body would be recommended. Additionally, if you use an offset, -100 / 100 would be ideal (Out 1 / Out 2, with inverse + sync in effect).

For more details, please check the link:

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