When a new version of Spooky2 software comes out, Should you uninstall the old version before installing the new version. Or Is it ok to just install the new version of Spooky2 software over the top of the old version without uninstalling the old version.

1. Do not uninstall the program, the updater will do all the work, keep your User File and any important information. Repeat- do not uninstall.

2. Also if you install into a new directory, you will be responsible for migrating your user presets and custom frequency programs. Since you did not upgrade, the installer will have no way to do this for you.

Just a helpful tip, if you execute Spooky2.exe from any of the backup folders the installer makes, you can run the old version right out of the backup directory. Useful if you needed to confirm something from your previous version.

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