How to improve biofeedback scan results?

During a biofeedback scan, GeneratorX records how the electrical signal behaves. A brief change in the electrical pattern shows that a hit was detected. 

There are two different ways that GeneratorX measures the change.

1. Current flow. This is like water running in a river. Normally this is constant. But if the level of the water rises, the flow increases. GeneratorX measures this flow rate.

2. Phase angle. If you are walking with your child, normally they are at your side. But if you start walking over rough terrain, the child will fall behind. Phase angle is like the distance between yourself and your child. The terrain is everything between the TENS pads. GeneratorX measures when the terrain is rough or smooth.

Some biofeedback systems can measure one or the other, but not many do both. And none can reach the dizzying speeds of GeneratorX.

At very high speeds, strange things happen. The water running down the river can start bouncing back, causing strange ripples in the flow rate. And the child can fall much further behind.

There are things you can do to improve the accuracy of your scan results. Reducing “electrical noise” is one. Electrical noise is any signal which is not wanted. Our bodies absorb this noise, and it travels down the wires back to GeneratorX. Even the electrical wires pick up noise. This can interfere with the tiny signals being monitored.

This is what electrical noise looks like. The photo shows the signal directly coming from a person with a pair of TENS pads connected. The big waves are the power lines running through your home. The fuzzy lines are the very high frequencies coming from WIFI, cellphones, TV, radio and much more.


This next photo shows the values of the frequencies in this noise. Higher frequencies are shown on the right. The graph shows frequencies up to 100 MHz. You can see that noise is at all frequencies, with spikes where the signal is stronger.


We are living in an unclean environment, with electrical signals surrounding us. Somehow GeneratorX has to ignore these unwanted signals and focus on the important ones. GeneratorX has filters to remove much of the noise, but there are things you can do to help.

The TENS cable is long, allowing the TENS pads to be placed far apart, but long cables pick up more electrical noise. Twisting the wires together and placing the TENS pads closer reduces the noise going back to GeneratorX.


The Threshold feature in Spooky2 lessens the effects of electrical noise. Only hits greater than the threshold are reported. The small noise signals are ignored. If a biofeedback scan is being performed where there are a lot of electrical signals, a higher threshold can be set.



3. Use Baseline: 

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