Does the new software increase the speed of the pulse based scans?

The simple answer is YES.

For those who want more details, read on.

The areas that were improved to speed up the Pulse based scans are as follows:

1. There were some improvements to reduce data read errors.

For those who had this issue, the scans should be faster.

Everytime you get a data read error, it takes 3 consecutive valid reads to resume. Less errors means faster scans.

2. There is a new feature in biofeedback scanning: Step Size %

Before you would have to calculate the step size to be used. For the default scan, this was 20 Hz. We would scan every 20 Hz, which results in 3800 frequencies scanned.

Now you have the option to use Step Size %, where after each frequency is scanned, Spooky2 will recalculate the next step size to use.

The default of 0.025% is using the value of the MOR % tolerance, so every frequency scanned is still overlapping in terms of resonance.

This results in less frequencies being scanned, thus faster scan times. Exactly 1072 less frequencies, that's about 17 minutes shaved off for a perfect scan.

Note: The pulse based scans are still limited to one frequency per heart beat.

The estimate time for a scan is based on 60 BPM. If your heart rate is faster, it will take less time. If slower, it will take longer.

It is important to note that the option is an either setting.

Make sure you note which one is active (darkened circle).

Here, the Step Size % is active.


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