Ear infection - fixed programs.

Here is ear story, for positive outcome from this machine,

28th Jan, ear itched a little, thought allergies.

29th Jan, ear still itched both sides, still thought allergies, washed using squeeze ball and hot water in shower. no fever.

30th Jan, water in left ear, and slight pain in right, by night time ear really hurting, used Streptococcus Pneumoniae cafl and hc both. fever.

31st Jan, pain in right ear, now stretches down toward jaw, have tmj type pain and whole side of face is in pain and swelling. so i use the Adenoviridae Infections (both) and the Adenovirus (all of them) for about 4 hours or so, added back in the strep ones as well. felt buzzes at 150khz and at 786hz also felt some vibrations at 12340.62hz,and at 846hz ear felt tickled. was running phanotron with 3.1 fixed carrier. had issues later that evening and switched to direct frequency for another 3 hr run. still had some fever.

1st Feb, pain much reduced, can still hear but sound muted, but jaw pain almost gone. no fever.

2nd Feb, no more jaw pain, side of face pain almost gone, ear has a spot where it is sensitive, that evening, ear popped and hearing cleared, liquid came out.

3rd of Feb, (today), all pain gone, hearing cleared. document on forum.

Normally ear infections for me are a part of the flu, similar to viral precursor. I have drank ionized water for 4 years, this is the first close call I have had since,even though the flu would almost hospitalize me every time. no flu shot (doctors orders) since the shot almost hospitalized me. 3 yrs in a row.

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