Any suggestion for a simple cancer procedure.

1. Have you read the previous post by Ron Havenaar?
He might have a suggestion or two.

2. A problem I see and have had with other people running cancer protocols is: 1. The terrain presets are almost all killing= hard on the kidneys and liver! 2. Doing an IC only does not use the proven over time Rife frequencies that the DB cancer protocol uses. 3. Cancer pathogens morph and hide, thus the need for the proven Rife frequencies. Blessings and try to do as much healing for the kidneys and liver, ie: food and healing frequencies and supplements that are kind to the bodies system so the body can heal itself after all the killing is done.

3. Re Natural supplements for Liver and Kidney Support:
At about the 1:0:20 time mark Dr. William Wong talks about using a systemic enzyme supplement and a Kidney Chi product.
[SAMA] Episode 36: The Keys to Combating Disease and Increasing Longevity

Dr. William Wong website:

4. Many years ago, all over the internet, it was stated that COQ10 can revive a failed kidney. This information with testimonials are no longer available. They mentioned from 50 mg to 5,000 mg.

Being a diabetic, I protect my kidneys and take COQ10 regularly and my kidneys (thank God) are still ok. COQ10 is available from dark green vegetables, but I just go the easier way and take the supplement.

Here is a website I found which you may want to read:

For more details, please check the link:

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