One area of Rifing I’ve yet to look into is headaches, and it seems to me that this is an area to be especially careful about. Does anyone know an appropriate procedure for when someone does have parasites, such as tapeworms, there?

Remember that the body's Immune System is what performs the healing. Everything we do to lessen the load on the Immune System allows it to take care of imbalances in order of intensity. What is happening with the brain is generally a symptom of a disfunction somewhere else in the body. In the case stated, this is most likely a primary issue with the gut (digestive tract). The eliminative organs (liver and kidneys) may also be compromised. Therefore diet should be addressed to at least temporarily remove the contamination (additional parasites) and heal the gut lining. The elimination organs would have to be cleared for optimal functioning. Liver and gallbladder function would need to be as close to optimal as possible. And then blood cleansing and parasite removal could ensue. 

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    Hi everyone,

    headaches have a multitude off sources, not always in the physical world.

    when I am attacked by a group of blackmagicians I get an headache some are

    strong when there are more. You can find out with a mist of water with drops of

    colloidal silver in it.  Spraying it over your head and it disappears you know the

    source. Using a aventurin stone in a headband over your third eye will tell the same.

    many or all of us have these astral cords with bad people also known as energy suckers for there bad deeds or to increase there own energy.

    Going places in your daily life will put you sometimes on spots on the earth with old energies that hang in your aura or worse attaches itself/them to organ(s) that are in dis-ease same effect as a source for headaches , Avoid -alcohol -churches(any) and no baptising until 10years old(cords) -cemeteries(especially with little children) -old bars. This is to be considered when treating headaches and Stop using 2.4Ghz transmitters in your house even your wireless mouse uses it BAD !!!

    Then get Spooky to treat creatures in your body.

    thank you for reading


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