My husband continues to have pains hitting randomly throughout his body about every 2 seconds. The pain takes his breath away, but all tests show normal, what should I do?

1. Maybe start with help from. Spooky2-CAFL it has: Acute Pain, Sudden onset of pain.

2. Suggestion: 1) do a scan and treat the results 2) Consult a naturopath/ integrative medicine doctor 3) Consult a healer and try to connect the dots

3. My daughter has lyme. These shooting electrical sensations were an early sign for her. Leg, then lip, anywhere. Very common in chronic lyme.

4. Chronic Lyme and/or a co-infection.

5. I used to call them "Lightening Strikes" and it was Mercury poisoning. I also have Lyme and the MTHFR genetic mutation.

6. It's very common in mould illness if you're looking for another rabbit hole to investigate/ eliminate. If it's mould, there was someone recently having good success with the spooky slime mould preset on wobble.

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8. I had this! I'm also on gabapentin and it only takes a bit of the edge off.

My Spooky helps more than anything! I run it on tons of Detox and All the pain settings that I think might apply to me. It really really helps!

For more details, please check the link:

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