I'm trying to treat some nerve pain near my right pelvis area. I've stuck one TENS Pad on the area it hurts but I'm not entirely sure where to stick the other pad. Any suggestions? Should I just stick it to my lower back?


1. We generally try to place the pads so the current flows through the problem area. So on either "side" of the problem, so one is on the front and back, or side to side, as the body allows.

2. Maybe nerve is being pinched in lower back by disc being damaged or compressed. Try PEMF using disc herniated and sciatica programs.

3. Worth checking what meridians run in this area - it might be qi which got stuck and feels like a nerve pain. I’ve been helped by an acupuncturist with similar problems which I lived with for years and years. Now I’m pain free!

Also, once you identify if it really is a meridian, you use Spooky on the organs which are connected with it and balance them out.

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