A friend of mine was going to buy the Professional Rife V2. Is the Spooky2 a much better machine for long term chronic Lyme disease?

1. The Spooky2 is driven by software that includes many programs and presets and protocols for healing Morgellons & Lyme, Cancer, and others. The Pro Rife V2 looks like a nice generator, with some nice attachments, but it looks like it only has programs, but no presets or protocols. You can download the Spooky2 software for free and run it in test mode to get an idea of the breadth of the Spooky2 solution. As for your friend's issues, if they have no idea of what may be plaguing them, Spooky Pulse, the biofeedback aspect of Spooky, can find various bacterial/viral issues you may have and deal with them. If the spasms are due to some nerve damage, the biofeedback won't be as useful. If you friend has an idea of what may be their problem, you can search the Spooky2 database to see if Spooky has a potential solution.

2. Pro Rife V2 has 20 Built in programs for most common types of conditions, compared to Spooky2 38,000 + you can add your biofeedback scans or a program that you find. Look at the waveforms: Pro Rife V2 has only 2 Square Wave, and maybe Sine, but Spooky2 has 39 compared that with 2. I did not see any Plasma, contact mode, remotes, or biofeedback on Pro Rife V2. the Pro Rife V2 Frequency Generator is $869.00 compared to Spooky2 XM Frequency Generator new price Jan. 25 2018 price $100.00. I do not think Pro Rife V2 can compare in any main features, except it looks good.

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