Can the Spooky plasma machine generate the light wave and use it as a carrier for an RF wave? And if it can, what is the frequency of the light wave, and the frequency of the RF(radio frequency) wave?

Anthony Holland was working with James Bare to make a plasma RF transmitter. Please be aware that the transmitter is not using the original concepts of Royal Rife. CB radios were not even invented when Royal Rife was doing his work.

The phanotron tube does not use a light wave as a carrier for RF. RF does not require a carrier. The tube is driven by RF, not the other way round. Light is photon particles. RF are not particles, so it is difficult for us (or other serious researchers) to imagine how photons can carry an EMF RF signal. And the other facts you state are seriously flawed. If RF was only “skin effect”, then people would not be worried about exposure to WIFI or X-Ray.

Royal Rife never stated that harmonics were required to disable pathogens. All his frequencies were singular fundamentals. None of his machines used a carrier. Only those developed by Philip Hoyland.

Yes, the Spooky Central phanotron tube emits light. Yes, it produces EMF. But no, it is not possible for light to carry EMF.

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