Experiences of fighting Chagas.

1. I went to India with my girlfriend in 1992, About 3 weeks after returning I had high fever, shivers, could not put water on my skin as it would literally creep, my glands were up and literally came down with many lung problems including double pneumonia a year later.

BTW, I put the high fever etc down to the 6 week course of vaccinations before I went, so that was a huge mistake on my part, and not insisting with the doctor that I get a second opinion.

Going to the doctor was of no help, he was only interested in malaria with his limited knowledge, and those are not the same symptoms, so he dismissed me, and had heart issues for the last 3 years, gone now because of judicious use of minerals and vitamins, little did I know that using them is not a cure, it only is replacing what my bodies low on.

So doing chagas and related on the spooky and getting immediate relief in my chest area (as if I had asthma and then within an instant it was gone) was a bit of a surprise.

The chagas protozoa are also in my brain, and it is the cause of my tinnitus, mostly, I also got a hit on pork tapeworm, so am running that also, combining both is dropping the tinnitus effectively.

I found out that chagas in endemic in the US including Canada, South America, Caribbean, and hot countries, so if you have tinnitus and other conditions (heart, brain, liver, kidney, constant infections, lung problems especially) and cannot get to the bottom of it, try chagas because it is a worldwide epidemic almost, and it virtually ignored by the medical community and infection can be as much as 40% of the population.

Chronic chagas is very dangerous because it goes to the heart, as well as all other organs, and it damages the heart and will eventually kill you.

Unfortunately it also goes to the brain and eats it. But I have lot's of presets to enable me to grow new neurons when this nightmare ends.

Chagas also directly causes diabetes type II, neuropathy, and iron amemia (and related anemia, B12, folate, possibly copper, also low GABA).

Now I know why I have been researching health especially brain health for over 40 years, my God, or higher self, or subconscious mind knew what was in store for me and so I am now well prepared.

These are my current settings and for me right now they work, I've experimented going up on OUT2 x 1 + 1hz to +0.9, 1.1, 1.2 up to 3hz and I get hits on those as well, so I mix it up a bit, I'll change the feathering and the voltage, I'll try phase shifts next.

I've been hitting the T. Cruzi for about 3 days now and things have gone quiet. But I'll keep it going, changing things to keep the pathogens off balance.

I also use Benznidazole (MW), Fexinidazole (MW), Gentian Violet (MW), Methylene Blue (MW) as well as they all hit chagas as well.

I'll keep those going for an hour or so once or twice a day. 

These are the chagas disease programs I use. I added the leishmania, not sure if it's needed as I have not used it in isolation yet.

Chagas Disease (KHZ)
Chagas Disease A (XTRA)
Chagas Disease Biofilm (XTRA)
Leishmania Infantum (XTRA)
Parasites Trypanosoma Cruzi Brain Tissue (XTRA)
Trypanosoma Cruzi (Brain Tissue) (XTRA)
Trypanosomiasis (KHZ)


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    Benjamin Balisky

    Penny Yu, Is there a way I can contact you? I too have experienced this and still have virtually no treatment or support. benznidazole Is extremely hard to get in the US. How did you get it?

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    shauna just

    I have searched spooky2 for Benznidazole (MW), Fexinidazole (MW), Gentian Violet (MW), Methylene Blue (MW) they do not come up for me. How and what are the MW frequencies settings for these Benznidazole (MW), Fexinidazole (MW), Gentian Violet (MW), Methylene Blue (MW).

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