When I do arthritis (or one of the other programs which have many options) which do I choose out the several listed, and do I do one program at a time or combine?

For which of the programs to choose, this gets easier over time of course, but is very challenging to a new user. Suggest that you try the one program that calls to you first, and if it turns out to work well, then maybe add to it. If it does not, then try another.

The most common mistake is to try too much at once. The general rule is to select something and run for 3 days to evaluate before making changes. This applies for all methods -- remote, contact, and plasma.

One approach, but not the only way, is to select up to 2 hours of programs if you have many to choose from, and run them for a minimum of 3 days and then evaluate whether to make changes.

For instance Arthritis has many to select from. I generally will try the ones from the databases that are listed closest to the top and work my way down. What I mean by this is, prioritize based on the order the database categories are listed in the top right hand corner of the programs tab -- starting with PROV and ending with ALT. This is a great starting place to prioritize from until you gain more experience with each category.

To make things even easier, you may wish to just start with those presets that are already in the system to get some idea and feedback from running something many others have also ran in the past.

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