Does anyone know how to repair, restore or support detox pathways using Spooky2?

1. I would start with the Terrain Single Steps specifically for the organs: Liver, Kidneys 1&2, Lymph Support, then go back to the detox steps.

2. I would do coffee enemas and bind and be sure to get enough minerals...check into liver/gallbladder flushing to help restore channels, too.

3. I'm running the Essential Micronutrients which I believe are supporting me , but I'm also a fan of the support presets in the Cancer DB Protocol folder.

4. You should sweat then. Your skin is the body’s largest organ. This helped me tremendously with my mercury detox and my compromised liver. I still take clay baths and do infrared saunas. Since your internal mechanisms are not working the skin will be safer. Unless you are Lyme of course. You did not specify. People with Lyme say heat aggravates their condition. I don’t have it do I couldn’t advise. I built a sauna with three infrared bulbs, an extension cord and a board.

5. This may seem strange but when my mate first got sick he was diagnosed with a mosquito virus Ross river fever the doc can only give him pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs it dragged on for months of agony

Then a naturopath put him on a detox we both did it 14 day detox re sets you to alkaline an state.
You juice watermelon
And eat it with a spoon out of a bowl for 3 or 4 days 3 meals a day with only water in between you do not feel hungry but it gives you a queer feeling and I got bad leg aches I could not lie down for 2 nights. Sit stand fine.
But he was ok.
Day 4 to 14
Fruit for breakfast
Salad for lunch
Steamed veg or fruit for supper.
It worked great but took 16 days to get better
He said my sore legs was me getting rheumatics and it was great that I did it saved me from getting it later.
There was no pills or potions just food very powerful food

6. It's my understanding that 'having' a gene mutation (like mthfr) doesn't necessarily mean you are expressing it. For instance, you can have a gene for cancer and not have cancer. I had a (5 hour) consult with an mthfr specialist for my child (who is medically complex) and she emphasized that you test for levels of everything first -- treat the person, not the SNP is what she said. And everything (well, almost everything) needs magnesium as a co-factor -- and lots of times you also need b6. if you supplement b - make sure it's a complex. Cassandra Tondro - you could also try some homeopathic drainage remedies for liver and kidney. Footbaths are great for opening detox pathways.

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