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How long does it take to run Morgellons and Lyme protocol?

There are three routes to tackle Morgellons and Lyme, plasma mode, contact mode and remote  mode.  The total runtime in plasma mode with remote mode is about 5 months.
The total runtime in contact mode with remote mode is about 7 months with 4 generators and 10 months with2 generators.   
The total runtime in remote mode only is about 15 months with method A and 6months with method B.

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    Can the protocol be cut down if one does the protocol remotely, but with more generators?  If so, how many generators would be required for what run time? 


    Cheers Lisa

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    Barbara Silano

    This absolutely does not make sense with your instructions on doing the morgellons and lyme protocol. These are the worst videos on something so important.

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