What's the meaning of the number under brackets following the list of most efficient frequencies displayed in the box at the end of the biofeedback, as shown in the picture (% of accuracy, efficiency or other)?

The #s in parenthesis represent the raw data for the hit. In this case you have high numbers so you must have done a beats per minute type scan vs. an HRV scan.

This shows what your heart rate was when it was elevated that registered as a top hit.

If one performs an HRV based scan, the numbers will be in the lower range -- single digits to perhaps as high as 20 which represents the variation above or below the baseline heart rate.

What the #s are useful for is to give one the ability to elect to eliminate outliers from the statistical mean. In other words, if you asked for the top 20 hits, but only wish to keep a subset, and most of the hits are grouped around 80, but you have say 5 at the end that are down at 60, you may wish to drop the 5 at the bottom which do not statistically lie in the same response range.

Otherwise, you can ignore the #s in parenthesis and take the entire set as is. The hits will still do good work even if they ranked lower than the rest.

Where this really becomes useful is if you are evaluating a frequency program for effectiveness, as it will give you an idea of how well your body responded to the frequencies in a set. This is done using the Grade Program option.

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