I was wondering about how to heal morton neurom. Nothing in the database. Does someone can help? It's really painful. What about the bursitis program? Should it be enough to have relief?

1. I sure would treat for parasites and give probiotics rectally.

2. The suggestion I have for all symptoms is to do a search of the Programs for the diagnosis or symptoms to select programs that seem to fit, try some of them to see what works, or use the Grade Programs function in the Bioscan to see which frequencies of those programs the body responds to most and use those.

3. Yes I would vote also for a spooky pulse session from what I have read about children having mild seizures I would probably start with "Lyme disease" and or "Borrelia burgdorferi infection", article update: Opsoclonus–myoclonus as a manifestation of Lyme disease: bit.ly/2glSK2I. My uncle had epileptic seizures turned out to be lyme disease in the spooky2 software will find the lyme morgellons guide. I think if were my child, I would test for lyme and or parasites and in the mean time start running the lyme/morgellons protocol M&L_Protocol_v3.pdf - DocDroid: bit.ly/mlprotocol. I myself have had lyme disease from a very young age, no fun at all, what helped me survive, until I found spooky2 was to consume an organic diet free of gluten, gmo's and glyphosate/pesticide food/drinks. Lastly this condition can also be attributed to vaccine injury, if child has been vaccinated, may want to do some research on vaccine. Info from vaccine injury pdf: bit.ly/vaccine-injury, if find out this is vaccine injury, more info how to apply for benefits: bit.ly/vaccine-file and can also detox vaccine with spooky2.

4. My son has myoclonic seizures since his 6 months. It happens when he is trying to fall in sleep or is sleeping already. Yes, it woke him up sometimes. According Drs. they are not dangerous. I have not try Spooky2 on him for that yet since they almost don't occur anymore or they are very mild. He was tested for Lyme and Babesia by IQS machine, it was negative. My son got H1N1 vaccination which is swine flu and it has mercury in it. I was 8 months pregnant with my son, that time 2009 was a lot of swine flu in Toronto and me - newcomer was told that not to get vaccinated is bigger risk than without vaccination. Now my son is on autistic spectrum and I guess that mercury from vaccine could cost some damage. In USA early pregnant women aborted babies when they got these vaccines. Biofeedback is great idea if your son can stay still and hold out. My son wouldn't be able to in the age of 5 maybe not even now in the age of 7. He is having less and less seizures so it might get better with time. Please do your research and check Dr. Tenpenny on vaccines on Facebook. Note that she is not allowed to post just only for vaccines or her page would be deleted that's why you might see other types of posts. My son also complaints about stomach pain in the morning. When I give him some fruit, it stops. (apple not suitable in the morning). I don't know if it is just feeling of being hungry, real pain or don't want to go to school. Drs don't know.

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