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Has anyone had success with any particular program for being really sore after over working themselves and having pain (shoveling snow for hours yesterday). I see hip and hip and joint pain programs, and muscle stiffness.

1. Suggest you run the Kundalini in Healing or Song of the Spine in Miscellaneous.

2. I use Analgesic Oain Relief.

Headache Rapid Relief, and there are 3 choices when you type in Headaches Vertebtal Misalignment.

Endorphin Release is also helpful.

If I did lots of repetitive movement, Torticollis has helped. For me, this is most helpful re: neck pain, & so is Central Cord Syndrome.

There are ones fur Stiff Shoulders;
Stiff Neck; and Shoulder Injuries.

There's also Pain Decrease.

Type in Nogier, then choose the appropriate one for your particular need.

And I suggest typing in the word "Relax" - quite a few nice choices there as well!
Spooky really does offer us lots of options!

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