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Would a tumor sample be more effective for running Spooky2 cancer presets than blood or a fingernail?

1. I can't say this is a definitive answer, but just some thoughts.

First, the tissue sample will not have the longevity that a fingernail sample does... According to the User Guide, the fingernail is good for 30 or more days, whereas blood is a much shorter time unless you were going to get a new tissue sample every week or so, this sounds like a bad idea. Just the damage from this much sampling would probably be detrimental.

2. I would be trying to do directly as much as possible. While you do that feed her as much alkaline food as possible. Baking soda is extremely alkaline. Green juices, ect. Gerson has plenty of info. Google cheap cancer cures. If cancer has spread then you are going to want to try to hit it from all angles. Breast cancer is estrogen based. Dim pulls out those bad estrogens.

3. For breast cancer you can run killing mode for some of the pathogens involved in metastasis which are all Chlostridiums and Pseudomonas, also I would recommend running the virus Rabies and Mycobacterium leprae. If you have a pet at home, please make sure is not close to the patient. This information is coming from the Tumoral phenomenon written by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán.

4. You should use the built-in cancer protocol. To do this correctly, you must read and follow the PDF guide (also built-in).

For more details, please check the link:

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