I would like to scan a baby but can not connect the pulse to her for the duration. Is it possible to just scan her remotely?

1. My first thought is not to use on a baby; seek further advice.

On the general topic of scanning; scanning is in two parts.
(i) applying the frequencies and (ii) receiving the feedback information via a heart-beat monitor

for (i) a remote can be used; or contact electrodes can be used
for (ii) for adults there is an ear clip or finger tip option.

2. You can create a fake Report with your quantum magnetic resonance scanner.

Save the Report as a PDF and edit it after this.

Is this not nice?

I have learn this from our beloved government.

In my opinion, it is too dangerous to use Spooky2 on a Baby. I would not do it. But if it could touch the sensor of a quantum magnetic resonance scanner then why not ?

(My measurments over my quantum magnetic resonance scanner show only a maximum current of 3 uA through the handlebar.)

The second thing is:

It is difficult but unfortunately one must respect the decisions of the people even if it hurts.

And even oneself is thinking "I know it better" ... and have the strong thought that "I know the right way to go."

3. BTW, you can scan the baby with your Quantum Analyzer just fill in the limit age and hold the prope in the hand of the baby with your hand around closed.

Its only about the allergies , right !

Another good thing is >> also scan the mother << She's the source so you have basic info.

Note: the allergies and bugs + shorts, are coming from the mother.
Too low zink/Magnesium/Copper/sodium Bicarbonate. Crush some and mix it with milk or BEST > Make a remedy and apply it on the skin + mixed with 3 drops of dmso <.
With added dmso it will come into the system.

Check it with your Quantum bio Analyzer before and 1 day after. And keep checking\controlling.

For more details, please check the link:

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