Is it ok to lower the amplitutde/voltage from 10 to 4 or less for Lymph and Detox (PROV), since it shows H-bomb waveform? This's for a dog with cancer and I read to lower voltage for animals, but also saw that certain waveforms require certain amplitude?

1. I don't see anything that says H-Bomb waveform must remain at any specific voltage. I don't know what level would be effective for the dog... I assume that since the majority of the wave is lower amplitude already than the 2 end peak waves, that it won't be as effective at some level... This is what "experimental" means... Each user takes responsibility for determining some parameters themselves...
Remember that the LED activity is likely to be different if the voltage is taken down...

The (XXX) following the program name indicates the source of the library... Some libraries have specific parameters as shown in the User Guide... Search for the (XXX) to see references to those needs... As I recall, the two libraries typically specifying parameters are KHz and HC, which now have a Preset.

2. I had to lower amplitude from 10 to 4 on myself. I think it was effective. I usually run my dogs at 5v. They respond very well to everything I have done for them. Hope this one with cancer does too.

Also, for myself, I start lower then gradually increase through treatment. Since this dog has cancer, perhaps start at 5v but end up at 10v. The dog needs to be encouraged to get much liquids even if it means wetting his food.

For more details, please check the link from:

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