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As I understand EMF, the low frequencies are very bad for Lyme patients as the bacteria feeds off of those frequencies, how does this help someone with Lyme then, when the device is hooked up to a computer?

1. One of the modes of operation is to use the Remote... When this is used, the computer, generator(s), and remotes can all be put in a location away from normal traffic areas so there is more distance from the computer... Also, the wireless communication can be reduced by turning off the WiFi and using all corded components like keyboard and mouse.

2. The frequencies given off by normal computers are much lower in strength than those produced by a spooky. Also, computers have much higher frequencies than spooky anyway. Computers have to be designed to reduce emc emissions to below set limits and these are lower than any output from spooky.

3. If you are looking to address detrimental EMF spectrum pollution, you may wish to consider running the Schumann Resonator Preset (as reflected in pic)..one of my favorites.

4. If you want to reduce/eliminate EMF from the computer and remotes, just ground the system through a USB slot via power inlet or central heating system (at least in Netherlands)

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