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How can I create 13.5 MHz carrier wave?

To do this, a few things need to be in effect.

First you will need a Spooky2 boost to combine the carrier wave with the fundamental frequency from your frequency program. If using a remote, plug into the corresponding port -- MN for black, BN for white. If using contact, plug into the High Power contact port or the CS port.

Second, you will need to use a wave cycle multiplier of 3 to raise the generator's maximum frequency to 15 MHz. To do this, for whatever waveform you are using, set the X parameter to 3. Note: The frequency displayed on the generator will be 1/3 of the frequency produced when this is in use.

Third, you will need to use Follow Out 1 vs. Inverse + Sync so you can set the frequency of Out 2.

Finally, set the Out 2 control to:

Out 2 = (Out 1 x 0) + 13500000 - [unchecked] Hz

By taking and setting Out 2 equal to Out 1 times 0, you will remove the fundamental frequency from Out 2, but then we are adding a static frequency of 13500000 (13.5 MHz) which will result in your static carrier.

For every frequency in your frequency program, the fundamental will be generated on Out 1 and combined with the static carrier frequency of 13.5 MHz from Out 2 using the boost.

Screenshot highlighting all settings below:

For more details, please check the link from:

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