I'd appreciate some feedback on herx reactions while running terrain. One Spooky user says you should never pause the program as it will cause some problems. And I think I've read somewhere to pause the terrain to allow the body to catch up.

1. I say it is personal choice.
Pushing through is OK as long as the symptoms don't become life-threatening or disabling.
I am not going to continue with something that is becoming dangerous, either because I am too uncomfortable to get done what I need to do or if some symptom is exceeding safe levels. It just goes against common sense.
I don't have a problem with pausing, allowing the body to catch up, then continuing. I can always repeat the program later if I feel that something may not have been done completely. Since you have the gear, it isn't a problem to repeat something just to make sure everyone stays safe.

2. I had a really bad herx when I started Terrain. Then I just paused for a while and started again. Now don’t herx that easily, but still cannot run the program non-stop for days. Having spooky2 has helped me a great deal - it just takes time to learn how to best use it, especially treating complex medical conditions.

3. In the case of Herx reaction, it could be useful to run RX- Herxheimer which is in the Morgellons & Lyme preset remotely. Hope this can help.

4. I pause generator, and on another generator run "herx helper 1 and 2 frequencies, while drinking gallon of distilled water per 24 hours, flush out toxins, and also one teaspoon of food grade activated charcoal per glass of distilled water, charcoal will mop up toxins in the brain and body asap. When herx has disappeared, I then start rifing terrain again. If I had this condition I would enter symptoms into spooky software, headache, toothache, and words that describe sickness ie nausea, motion sickness, flu, cold etc... run all frequencies that are relevant..and then rife those with white top remote and Healing (R) JW while drinking distilled water until I felt better. I find with Spooky2 health recovery happens asap for me, like within minutes, hours.

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