How to start using drugs molecular? How do I know which dose will be given?

On how to create a frequency for a substance using molecular weight, please go to the below link and scroll down to Manuel Mallo's post dated May 5, 2016, giving detailed instructions (with pictorials) on how to do it.

To use the molecular weight derived substance or drugs, please use either one of the presets: "molecular weight (R)-JW or Substance (R)-MM.

1. You will find this by going to Preset Tab;
2. click on shell empty presets;
3. click on remote;
4. then go down the list until you find presets for "molecular weight (R) - JW or Substance (R) - MM and
click on either one of them;
5. then move on to the molecular weight database;
6. select and click on the item you want to run;
7. If you want to use this again, then go back to Preset Tab, and click on the disk icon (with green ribbon),
you will be taken to the User's Preset File, where you will need to give it a name; and then click on save;
8. then proceed to Control Tab;
9. select channel you wish to use;
10. click on "allow generator overwrites" and "always overwrite";
11. then press start.

For more details, please check the link from:

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