Does anyone run terrain more than once, why did you choose to do that? How many times did you do it?

1. I was actually doing my 2nd Terrain, when I came down w/ (cold or flu), yesterday & had to stop it, in the middle of its detox of toxic proteins & toxin elimination.

I even wonder.
* I know I have white lesions in my brain
* it caused me a good bit if headache,
Was Spooky starting to break up those lesions? And did it stress my body out enough, to the point where my immunity sucked, & let this flu (or whatever) in...

Why I opted to repeat Terrain?
Because I feel that I am ready to really be a bit more aggressive, yet
Wanted to be sure I was as detoxes as I might possibly be.

I want to address my issues of lymph,
& a total cholesterol of > 250.
(It has been as high as 315 in the past).
My LDL is high; and I even have slightly elevated VLDL,
Nothing to be cavalier about, given the cardiac history of both my parents...
Plus, my Babesia from Lyme tends to make clumping of blood;
And DNA tests say my #1 medical risk is A-fib.
I don't want a stroke.

I've gotten lots of heavy metal out via ionic foot bathing, +
Use of liquid cilantro
+ chlorella.
Not to mention: also replacing all my Mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Last time I ran Terrain, I really was miserable once I got to the stage where it addresses intestines, & kidney function.
So I also have my digestion & colon health in mind.
Did I help answer your question? (I'm not sure).
But this = my focus for the new year!

2. To me the purpose of the terrain is to detox your body. If you have run a bunch of programs, you have drawn out things that were not there the first time you ran the terrain. So I feel it gives my body a clean slate to work with. I have done the terrain now five times in the past year.

3. I did Terrain last year 2x, in Spring and now again. I repeat because if I did not get it completely before or if I was reintroduced to a toxin, I have opportunity to release it from my body again.

Also, the program is said to be much more improved.
I Herxed badly in the spring. I ran it with mercury detox but have 13 fillings so that may have caused the Herx but not sure. It could have been other factors as well.

This time, I do not realized it is running. It has been running for 90 hours. Some arm achiness but not bad.

4. I have used Spooky2 in remote mode for about a year now, only targeting specific problems and ignoring the advice to do the Terrain first.
I started after installing the Oct. update. The split second the first frequency in the Terrain preset started broadcasting I felt it go through my entire body. Initially I didn’t have the Wi-Fi turned off so it didn’t get past #2 for several attempts and I restarted from the beginning. Each time it hit #2 in the chain I felt it working around my thyroid nodule (no previous reaction targeting the nodule only). The first time it came to Kidney Function 1, I was still a Terrain newbie and didn’t even know a kidney frequency was part of the chain and I thought I was getting a bladder infection, with urgency and burning. I was amazed to see I was receiving a kidney detox when I looked at the program a day later. I am not sure how many times in succession that I have run the Terrain since Oct., but each time my thyroid feels it, with the most recent time being the strongest reaction. My bladder reacted every time to the Kidney frequencies except this last time. I also have a fatty lipoma that I tried targeting with no results and throughout my series of Terrains it has become pliable and very sore. For all of the reasons stated above I will keep running it until my intuition tells me otherwise. I have since added 3 other family members DNA with mine in the remote and changed my sick cat’s frequencies to the Terrain as well. The others willingly agreed to give me their DNA but have no interest in what exactly I’m doing with Spooky2, so I have no specific feedback. From my observations, the youngest has had no reactions, one is experiencing joint swelling and pain moving from one place to another, and the other is showing overall improvement in an otherwise serious situation. The third person has 3 other remotes targeting specific conditions on an as needed basis running along with the Terrain.

5. The Terrain Protocol can be left to run non-stop to be used as a Maintenance Mode while all other killing is ongoing... In this way, the detox pathway stimulation would be continuous - just the same as any other "Maintenance type program".

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