I understand that a lot of vision issues that develop in older age is due to cell build up on the lense of the eye causing a reshaping of the lense. I’m thinking that with the PEMF coil there has to be a frequency to clear the lense. Any recommendations?


1. The Rife machines sent to doctors cleared cataracts when running the BX/BY frequencies 1604 KHz & 1500 KHz and there have been reports of pads machines working when the pads are applied to the temples to get the current flow as close to the eyes as possible. I have improved my eye sight at long distance although at its worst it was still better than people with glasses. My eye sight used to have triple vision and be blurred at infinity like when looking at the moon but now it is clearer and only double vision. It does vary from day to day because bugs in the eye water interfere by refracting the light causing blurring. I am waiting for the day I eliminate all bugs and hope to get single vision at infinity.

I have mainly used my big coil and tube machines to kill bugs and get the improvement in eyesight as a side effect but you can try the pad technique with the XM. It is just a question of getting sufficient current to flow through the area containing the bugs. The common cataract is sugars building up on the lens due to BY but if you keep the bugs at a low level it doesn't happen. My mum has partial cataracts that formed over about 10 years but since I have been hitting BY with my coil and keeping them at a low volume the cataracts have made no progress. Other people would have been in hospital for a plastic lens by now. When I get a powerful machine up and running I shall wipe out the cataracts but it has to be a non contact device because she won't let me try the pads. The only reason I can treat her with a coil is that she thinks it is a hand warmer.

2. I have been running macular degeneration sweep, eyesight to improve, vision poor, eye cataract programs on white Remote for the last month non stop and eyes are improving albeit slowly. Before that I was running these programs one week on, one week off. I no longer wear bifocals and only occasionally have to get the magnifying glass out to read really small type. I also do eye exercises everyday which you will find if you do Google search.

3. You are NOT grasping at straws my brother, you are intelligent and grasping answers this technology has to offer!

Spooky has frequencies for all of this. I have been randomly using different vision frequency sets on and off. Now that I have more generators I am going to get serious with it! Already much blurryness is gone and I do not use reading glassed much anymore.

Keep me posted and I will do likewise.

Also Spooky2 team did a test and proved PEMF hooked to a generator can broadcast the signal over nine feet! So you can use PEMF treatment as a LOCALIZED REMOTE!

There is great potential here. I promise I am going to do this. Eyesight is precious!

4. Treatment of the eyes might be a good application for DIY minicoils suggested by Forum member Roman Nowak at link below?:

However, I have not tried this myself.


For more details, please check the link from:                                                                http://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=6605

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