I've been trying to understand the link between bowel cleansing/parasite killing and bone loss/arthritis. Each time I take bowel cleansing herbs, after a few weeks, I begin to experience soreness, stiffness and cracking in some of my joints.

This MAY sound strange, it is a comment made from a friend of mine "The Problem is in my nose and not my ass!"

He was speaking of viral pneumonia (which HE caught from his child and passed on to me.)

Part of my CURE was CLEANING MY COLON and doing naturopathic modalities!

He went the conventional medicine route.

Before treatment I coughed up something blackish grey that almost clogged my sink! Within a week I was fine.

He was still on Rx Drugs. I told him that I was already better because I cleaned my colon, and suggested he do likewise. That is when he blew up and made the nose vs. ass comment.

After three weeks he had to have a surgical procedure to remove a bunch of mucus and filth. About a week later, he was starting to feel well again!

There is much documented research on death and disease BEGINNING IN THE COLON! Even with people who have 3 regular bowel movements a day.

When treating with Rx drugs, herbals, or even Rifing, more death is sent to the colon. Most of the water you drink, I think 80% is absorbed into your body through the walls of your colon! Even terrain Protocol can do only so much. From all of what you describe is going on, if I were you I'd clean out my colon.


I am 85% Raw Food, Organic eating person I do not smoke, drink alcohol only about 6 times a year! I do herbal cleanses and fasting at least 4 times a year. I never eat white flour, sugar, processed foods! I bike between 5 and ten miles a day. I drink a lot of water.

AND I DONT HAVE TO BECAUSE I actually went to a colon hydrotherpist just last month for a very pleasant session! Even with my lifestyle still there was filth that came out during the colon cleaning session.

This goes far beyond what Spooky2 and herbals can accomplish. It was neither dangerous nor unpleasant.

Some people are too embarrassed (em bare assed hahhabha I'm funny!) to even consider this, or too proud to admit after being on earth ten years or more and consuming all manner of soft drinks, pesticides, hot pockets, GMOs, blah blah blah, and have regular bowel movements, that their colon is clean. WHATEVER!

I say this. Have it done and SEE FOR YOURSELF what comes out of you!

The benefits are AWESOME ACROSS THE BOARD! Fat loss, better sleep, better mind, better skin, more energy, faster healing and less sickness.

Having your colon cleaned, then running your other modalities may lessen the misery you are experiencing and make everything else you are doing for your health WAY MORE EFFECTIVE!

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Colon Cleanse: Death Begins In the Colon | Colon Detox | Barron Report

Dec 1, 2014 - Colon Cleanse: Death Begins In The Colon. There is an old saying that “death begins in the colon.” ... In fact, the road to health begins with colon detoxing—pretty much no matter what the disease or problem. Unfortunately, most people confine their understanding of the colon detox to its effect on fecal matter.

Google "Death Begins In The Colon"

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