The End of All Disease in 87 Hours!

I would like to share my latest enhancements of the 87 hours sweeps.
It includes 5 presets: 1 master and 4 slaves, and a waveform. All of which are attached. You don't need to read the explanations to use the attached files.
You just have to download the attached files, copy the 5 preset.txt files in the spooky/preset collections/user/ directory and the waveform.csv file in the spooky/waveform directory and then flush a "refresh waveform".

I did several things:
1) to my knowledge, all of Dr Hulda Clark's work was done with contact mode, as I am dealing with remote transmission mode, the frequency multiplier is set to 2*2^0.5 = 2.83, in order to match the light speed in vacuum.

Then, I introduced the golden ratio in several ways:

2) The frequency range calculated by Spooky for the 76kHz-880kHz sweep is F1= 475905.055 Hz to F2= 480094.945 Hz with spectrum%=84.1%
of which the ratio (F2-F1)/(F1+F2) = 0.004383

I have enlarged a bit this range so that (F2-F1)/(F1+F2) = 0,005025 wich is the 11th power of the golden ratio (0.618...^11)
this gives the new set of frequencies : F1 = 475905.055 F2 = 480712.0548 Hz

3) Then, the 4 out2=f(out1) are calculated with the formula given in a previous post but instead of taking n, the number of generators (4) as an integer, I take it as a decimal number and choose for it the power of the golden ratio closest to 4, which is 4.236068 = 1.618...^3 with 1/n=1/4.236068=0.236068

Then for the 4 generators, the four out2 formula are given by

out2=0.236068*out1+ 1/n *(f1*(n-k) + f2*(k-1))

as the frequencies are multiplied by the vacuum light speed factor, so must the offsets be multiplied. This is a remaining bug in Spooky that shall hopefully be corrected in the future : Spooky should multiply the offsets by the frequency multiplier.

Then, the 4 offsets are calculated, for k= 1 to k=4.

k offset offset in vacuum
1 363 559.111184 1 028 300.451522
2 364 693.889905 1 031 510.090436
3 365 828.668625 1 034 719.729350
4 366 963.447346 1 037 929.368264

Which leads to the four out2 = f(out1) :
out2=0.236068*out1+1 028 300.451522
out2=0.236068*out1+1 031 510.090436
out2=0.236068*out1+1 034 719.729350
out2=0.236068*out1+1 037 929.368264

These are included in the 4 slaves settings attached
With the Master preset, the 5 presets attached should be added to the /preset collections/user directory

5) I have then calculated the square waveform with Duty Cycle = 71.42857% as an independent waveform to give more flexibility to the setting. This waveform file is attached in a next post, as I was not able to attache it here. It should be added to the waveform directory and then a "refresh waveforms" should be triggered.

Hulda Clark Golden Dual Spectrum Sweep Master Phantom Generator (R) - WD.txt

Hulda Clark Golden Dual Spectrum Sweep Slave 1 of 4 (R) - WD

Hulda Clark Golden Dual Spectrum Sweep Slave 2 of 4 (R) - WD

Hulda Clark Golden Dual Spectrum Sweep Slave 3 of 4 (R) - WD

Hulda Clark Golden Dual Spectrum Sweep Slave 4 of 4 (R) - WD

For more details, please check the link:

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