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What is your opinion about diet rules during cancer treatment?

1. I understand that because cancers are anaerobic in nature, they will feed off sugars, and best to avoid refined sugar and starchy carbs, and perhaps very sweet hybridized (for sweetness) fruits. Sounds like you're well aware of this. My understanding is that a vegan diet is a good cleansing diet, but if it were me, I would be eating some form of protein every day, probably animal protein. The one doctor I trust once recommended protein to me so that the amino acids would bind to free radicals and toxins when I was detoxing after being on gluten for many years. It helped me, but I understand you're dealing with a different, much more serious issue. For what it's worth.

2. https://www.oncologynutrition.org/erfc/healthy-nutrition-now/sugar-and-cancer/

Sugar and Cancer

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Does sugar feed cancer?


While researchers continue to investigate the connection between sugar and cancer, it remains a source of anxiety-inducing speculation and misinformation in the media and on the internet. Of course, the undeniable answer is that glucose (the form of sugar used most in the body) feeds every cell in the body, and is so important to the function of your brain that the body has several back up strategies to keep blood sugar levels normal. Even without any carbohydrate in the diet, your body will make sugar from other sources, including protein and fat.

The idea that sugar could directly fuel the growth of cancer cells can lead some people to avoid all carbohydrate-containing foods. This is counter-productive for anyone struggling to maintain their weight while dealing with side effects of cancer and treatments. More importantly, the inevitable anxiety of trying to completely avoid "all sugar" creates stress. Stress turns on the fight or flight mechanisms, increasing the production of hormones that can raise blood sugar levels and suppress immune function. Both of these things may reduce any possible benefit of eliminating sugar in the first place.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I remember reading somewhere that if you starve yourself of one sugar source cancer cells will look elsewhere for an alternative sugar source.

3. I spent hours weeding through research on this. So very confusing. It seemed to me, the different types of cancer, their location and rate of growth and behavior play a big roll in the contradictory info.

My guess on the info about nuts is some are very carcinogenic like peanuts (not really a nut) due to the mold toxins. Research nuts with this in mind and settle on the least toxic and store them in the freezer for a couple of days before eating. It purportedly helps. You are going to find something wrong with just about everything. Do your best to settle on the least problematic in all situations.

A vegan diet with fish once/week is a great place to start ~ in my opinion ~ especially if your wife is open and willing. It's a good clean diet and reasonable. My understanding is it great for a month. By then, you will have more info collected and can make adjustments from there.

The research suggests that those who make changes to their life like minimizing stress, changing diet, and have the belief that they will recover are the ones more likely to do well. Big check mark for your home. Put this in your back pocket and keep doing the best you can to chip away at the rest.

Spooky2 is a great place to be with what you're dealing with.

A few things to keep in mind as you look for solutions.

I would stay away from red meat. I have not come across any beneficial info that I can remember.

I don't agree about dairy. Kefir and yogurt (not milk and cheese) might be a consideration (especially with colostrum) down the road and something to look into. It's meant to be yogurt and colostrum but I made kefir and colostrum because I prefer the resulting probiotic strains.

Also, butter helps the vitamins in the vegetables be assimilated. Ghee or clarified butter would be an even better choice. Has lots of Vitamin K.

I think as you wander down this path, you will find the perfect diet for your wife.

4. There is also amongst the many possibilities that its the hormones that are directing the cancer cells - and if this has any validity it may not be so much whether you eat carbs or protein but how the foods that you choose effect the hormone levels, for instance insulin. If insulin has anything to do with it then fasting is something to look into seriously - there are such things as few hrs, to 24 hr (1 meal a day), to extended fasts - insulin levels are lowered. So; perhaps this does tie in a little with every authority (and non-authority) having an opinion on what can be eaten. For me, it also goes along with red meat not being ideal; due to hormones. See: "the COMPLETE GUIDE to FASTING" by Jason Fung, MD with Jimmy Moore as quite readable book on the subject; that was recommended by Dr. Mercola a few weeks ago.

As a bit of personal experience on this- They were finding fairly recently that a ketogenic diet...which is quite close to fasting... was good for glioblastoma but had not proved so good for other cancer types; so the cancer type also would have a bearing as Carrie mentioned.

There are some hormone programs in spooky2 database which may also be applicable as part of any program & these were used in the past by some people here.

5. It sounds like you and your wife are doing a lot of good things. I think Karl has a good point about not making impossible demands on ourselves and creating more stress. I buy my vegetables from organic farmers at the local farmers' market during the summer, but the rest of the year, I'm buying my vegetables from the grocery store. Although I tend to eat more vegetables and very little starchy carbs, I will eat bread or potatoes when I feel I need them (and I do eat sweets when there is a celebration - birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas etc).

6. It must be so stressful to have to educate oneself on nutrition when there is the pressure of cancer growth going on. I sympathize greatly as there is so much misinformation out there and even from sources of authority and l must say that this is not the best site to get guidance as most are using frequencies as their primary tool, which l believe is not the best way with a lot of cancers these days, whereas it may have sufficed in Rife' s day when our bodies and environmental were not as toxic.

But take assurance that many are getting rid of their cancers using diet alone, and the most success l can see is with the ketogenic one. It is not true, as stated in an earlier post that the body must have glucose. It can be made to switch to using an alternative pathway for energy and that is by burning fat, which cannot be converted to glucose unlike protein which can. A high fat diet will also help stop the weight loss that one must avoid. Fasting is a really bad idea.

Nuts are not just bad for mould, they are also high in omega 6 which is not good. Good fats high in omega 3 are required for health and all conventional meat is too high in omega 6 to be healthy. One must buy from farmers who do not fatten their stock with grains before slaughter and it is this difference that counts as to whether meat is healthy of not. Fish is the best source of omega 3.

I would look for a forum with ketogenic cancers sufferers and get this in place first and use frequencies as a secondary tool along with a few other modalities. There are other things one can do to help the body heal such as cutting out blue light at night, getting out in the sun without screening and sun glasses, grounding, good water, and generally getting closer to nature which have helped me enormously.

7. Have a look at the Gerson Therapy for Cancer.

There are also youtube videos about Gerson Therapy.

8. The SOURCE of your food is more important that the TYPE of food.

Pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, artificiality, etc. CAUSE CANCER! KNOWN FACT!

Roundup is in everything, even HUMAN BREAST MILK! OK?

When I was vegetarian I got very sick from eating conventional produce and processed foods. Converting to organics (and even higher quality foods) caused these issues to vanish!

I was even able to eat Beef again, free range grass fed of course!

You can Rife all you want, go vegan, vegetarian, or whatever diet you wish. If you are eating pollution, and poison it will make little difference!

Detox, cleanse, use Spooky2 Terrain Protocols as well, and put in highest quality foods you can get your hands on!

You are repairing a HUMAN body the most COMPLEX THING WE HAVE DISCOVERED IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! We must act accordingly.

9. Cancer treatment. Diet plays a major role such as 40 % fat 40 % protein and 20 % carbohydrates in the food pyramid///
In the Philippines, Rapid cellualr balancing supplements daily intake of 12 to eighteen egg yolks bufallo milk and soup cured a six days comatose hemorhagic stroke patient. Another treatment Immunotherapy which is now used also in the US and Philippines as well. Liver tumor abcess 15 cm obliterated within 20 days on 4 daily iv injection plus red meat raw veggies and fish with scales, so Nutrition plays a lot like milk and honey.... totosonicrifesaver focused ultrasound.

For more details, please check the link:

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