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Is there a protocol for using colloidal silver to kill any hidden pathogens like viruses in the hide (e.g. EBV), candida, or alike? If we take CS according to a certain protocol we should be able to get rid of any and all pathogens. Is this correct?

1. I doubt there is any one substance that will prove to be a "magic bullet" to take care of all of our problems. To read some people's information about CS, it sounds like this is possible, but the body and many pathogens are very complex.

2. I do not think there is a protocol on the whole internet to state how much specifically to use CS. If you find such, do whatever they say. Each person can handle different amounts of CS. Very individual and according to the situation and strength.

Remember our group is about self empowerment for this reason. We provide the tools, you figure out the strength at which you want to use it.

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