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What if those harmless bacteria we kill are beneficial bacteria that are hard to replace/replenish?

1. I assume that the harmless bacteria don't scream. There is no reason to do so.

More correct is that the body screams if the harmful bacteria are activated over their frequency.

He screams: I don't like that.

If the harmless bacteria, or beneficial bacteria are activated through their frequency, then the body have no reason to scream.

So screaming is like: This "thing" hurts.

No hurting, no screaming.

Or what about that:

If the harmful bacteria die off because of their resonance frequency, they release toxins. These toxins result in generating a HIT over the Spooky2 Pulse. (This is an indirect measurement because you can not see them and you don't have a Rife universal microscope).

If the harmless bacteria die off because of their resonance, the do not release toxins. So you won't get a HIT over Spooky2 pulse. But they "scream" and die off. So it is possible to harm yourself (your health) with the wrong frequency.

Could this be true?

2. By the way, "screams" are registered HITS! Meaning something RESONATED at THAT frequency!
It is NOT a matter if you "like" that concept or not. Doesn't matter if it is a good bacteria or bad, if you HIT them, they will respond (SCREAM)!

For more details, please check the link:

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