SUCCESS with BROKEN BONES, BONE FRACTURES and PAIN. My son's broken toe and my tailbone pain.

Broken Bones, Fractures - Pain Gone in Minutes  
By Susan Courtney (Nov. 2016)

So my son broke his toe playing soccer barefoot. We had a lot of success with pain, swelling and quick healing using CONTACT on Colloidal Silver port and PEMF Coil with the Spooky Central. He did the treatment approximately 2 times per day for about a week or two.

He was back touching the ball at home in 1 week because he’s crazy and back at serious soccer practice in about 2.5  weeks.  He scored a game winning goal in a GOLD LEVEL soccer game 5 weeks later from first injury.

Recently, my son injured another toe playing soccer barefoot.  Will they never learn?  But I think this injury was allowed by God specifically to help me.  After icing it, my son asked to be put on the machine because he was in pain.  So I hooked him up.  Within minutes he said that it was feeling better.  I was in shock.  It was so quick.  He ended up falling asleep as the machine finished up it’s one and a half hour course of programs I had chosen.  

I have been suffering with tailbone pain for about 2 weeks. It was an old injury that seemed to be inflamed either from a healing reaction, a re-injury somehow, the rainy weather - I don’t know.  It seemed when I was walking around, it wasn’t as bad. But almost every time I sat down or laid down, I was in so much pain and discomfort.  It was relentless.  Rides in the car were excruciating. I had been praying for God to take the pain away, but He didn’t.  I believe it is so that he could teach me something that could help others.  So if this helps you, just know it’s because there is a God who cares for you and a boy who hurt his toe for you and a lady who suffered serious, relentless pain for weeks.

I decided to try my son’s broken bones preset on my tailbone using contact.  Mind you, I had tried something similar via plasma with no real noticeable effects, but contact seemed to be the answer.  And it was. The same thing happened to me.  My tailbone pain was relieved within minutes. A couple of times during the session I felt tingling in my tailbone area.  Due to computer problems, my session did not complete.  I believe I only made it through Bone Pain and Inflammation, Bone Trauma and perhaps a touch of Accelerate Injury Healing.  Here is a list of programs that you can try for your bone pain.

Healing (CONTACT) - JW
Bone Pain and Inflammation
Bone Trauma
Accelerate Injury Healing
Healing Acceleration
Bone Fractures

TENS PADS Placements for the broken toes.  One TENS pad on top of the toe.  One on the bottom.  I did not wrap the toe.  Since the TENS pads are bigger than a toe, I just let it sit on the other toes as well.  I would then place the PEMF Coil which was running on Spooky Central at a set frequency of 100Hz over the toe and TENS pads as close as I could get it and tied it there with a ribbon.

TENS PADS Placements for my tailbone.  One TENS pad was placed as close to my tailbone as possible without being in my butt crack (I knew you wanted to know this). The other TENS Pad was directly across on my lower abdomen.  I did not use the PEMF Coil for my treatment.

NOTE: My son said at one point that it was stinging him and he figured it was because the PAD was touching a bit of blood that was still wet.  I lifted the corner of the pad off of the blood and the stinging went away.  

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