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Do I need to run fat burn for a few days continuously to get the effect? When does the fat really start burning?

1. Typically, Contact is run once or twice per day, morning and night for a week.

Remote is typically run for 120 loops, as long as herx. reaction doesn't require a stoppage.

When we ran it, we had herx. that stopped it prematurely and we haven't gotten back to it yet, but hope to continue soon.

I hope you have success with it.

2. Be aware that when fat cells are destroyed they dump their contents and that the body stores toxins in fat cells. Make sure to detox while doing this.

3. If you want to speed-up this process, you should add Hydrogen Peroxide 30% (perhydrol) and drink few drops. It will speed-up your metabolism.

4. My guess would be you'd have to run it 24/7 so your body burns more fat 24hrs a day. You're the first person I've heard about running this so I guess you're the guinea pig;). Let us know how it goes. I'd imagine it may take a week or so to start seeing results.

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