What results have you noticed between the older Remote 1.0 without the magnet vs the new Remote 1.1 with the BN or MN magnets? No difference or did you notice one was better then the other?

1. Some member experience too bad herx reactions with the standard remote with magnet, even lowering the amplitude. For these members, the old remote without magnets is much more suitable because it is gentler.

2. I read this and I took the magnets off my remotes a few months ago because they were causing more problems than they were worth. I did some research and the magnets will work if they are oriented correctly. Get a compass and find the South pole of the magnet and face it down toward the ground over the remote. You'll be quite surprised the effects. Your cells will produce more ATP. It works very well. I did this.

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    Ronald Phillips

    Not sure what you are saying, pointing South down is for healing and South up is for killing from what I have been told.  Is there another way to do this?

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