What's best protocol for mold in the home? I don't know if it's more effective to use one of the environmental presets or just run Fungus & Molds program.

1. I used the general household mold preset, and one of my family members who had a cough for 3 months stopped coughing within two days. That was last Spring. When the coughing started up in the fall, I ran the frequency set again for 10 days and the coughing stopped again very quickly. I took masking tape and went into the corners of our basement (newer house) and looked for any spores along the window bottoms and stuck the masking tape to these places to pick up whatever was there. I put this into the remote. I think there are also some stories on one of the Spooky2 FB groups that detail some pretty marvelous health improvements with this frequency preset. Here's a few from the Spooky2 Success Stories FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2success/search/?query=mold
Good luck. I think whichever frequency sets you use, it will help.

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2. I would suspect that the best would be the following:


Mold Sweep 2-Day (P) - DB
Mold Sweep 4-Day (P) - DB

I have ran the 4 day one myself.

You could also opt to run one of the following:

\Frequency Sweeps\Plasma

Spooky Central Overnight Sweep (xxx) - JW

For more details, please check the link:

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