My wife is suffering from multiple fibroids and I have tried Spooky Remote using various inflammation and fibroid and endometriosis frequency sets. Has anyone used Spooky2 successfully for shrinking fibroids? How to restore restore normal menstruation?

1. In this video they say there's a link between fibroids and hormone levels. Maybe doing programs for estrogen will help shrink the fibroid.

Here are some more clues
What Causes Fibroids?

While there is much we don’t know about fibroids, we do know that each individual fibroid starts from a single cell growing abnormally (mutation). These cells overproduce large amounts of collagen and other proteins. Recently, other gene mutations have been discovered in fibroid cells that alter the cell’s growth. There may also be environmental causes, as yet undetermined, that stimulate fibroid growth. It is important to realize that there is no evidence that fibroids turn into cancer. Fibroids are benign from the beginning and remain benign.

We do know that the female hormones estrogen and progesterone are necessary for fibroids to grow, but growth of a fibroid requires a complex interaction of estrogen, progesterone, and cell growth factors. Fibroids do not occur before puberty when estrogen and progesterone production begins, and fibroids shrink after menopause when hormone production drastically decreases. Studies are now under way to try to determine how fibroids start and what influences their growth.

Fibroids usually do not develop until between ages twenty-five and thirty-five. You might expect that women with fibroids are making too much estrogen or progesterone, however the levels of these hormones in the blood are absolutely normal. But, fibroids have enzymes that convert androgens (male hormones made by the ovary and the adrenal gland) into estrogens within the fibroid cells, so the fibroid cells actually contain higher levels of estrogen than the the rest of the body. Fibroids are also very sensitive to progesterone and appear to thrive during the time of the menstrual cycle when progesterone levels are highest.

Special proteins found in the bloodstream, called growth factors, are produced by cells in the body and stimulate fibroid growth. Some of the identified fibroid-related growth factors (which sound like a virtual alphabet soup) are transforming growth factor-B (TGF-B), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and prolactin (PRL). Some of these growth factors encourage cell growth and others encourage blood vessel growth to feed the fibroids. Unfortunately, we still do not understand which of these proteins are important.
Endocr J. 2010;57(7):615-21. Epub 2010 May 13.
The relationship between thyroid nodules and uterine fibroids.
Kim MH, Park YR, Lim DJ, Yoon KH, Kang MI, Cha BY, Lee KW, Son HY.
Previous studies suggested that estrogen might have an important role in thyroid nodule formation. Besides, it was recently reported that women with uterine fibroids, which estrogen has effects on, had an increased incidence of thyroid nodules. Our study was to identify the relationship between uterine fibroids and thyroid nodules and to find the factors that may have influences on the occurrence of thyroid nodules. We reviewed the records of 1144 participants who attended health check-ups from 2005 to 2008. Evaluated clinical variables included the size and number of thyroid nodules, presence of uterine fibroids, menopausal status, BMI, smoking, alcohol, medication status, serum levels of cholesterol, LH, FSH, and estradiol. A total of 925 participants were included and 163 (17.6%) subjects had thyroid nodules and uterine fibroids simultaneously. A significant association between both diseases existed (P=0.010), and closer relationship was observed in premenopausal women (n=445, P=0.001). In univariate analysis of systemic E2 level and the incidence of thyroid nodule in premenopausal women, systemic E2 levels had inverse correlation with the incidence of thyroid nodules (P=0.024, OR=0.631, CI: 0.424-0.940). In multivariate logistic regression analysis, older age and the presence of uterine fibroids were the independent factors for the presence of thyroid nodules. Our study suggested that uterine fibroids in women were definitely associated with thyroid nodules and estrogen might have a pivotal role in occurrence of both uterine fibroids and thyroid nodules.

So there are a number of factors at play and will require some experimentation and research. 

2. I always use the most POWERFUL method available when Rifing, and have even invented two new ones! REMOTE is no where near as effective as direct contact mode of Plasma!

Also since the people calling themselves doctors don't really have a clue on this disease, why not GET A CLUE with Spooky Pulse Biofeedback! It will give you specific frequencies to run based on what her body tells it!

Also I think it wise to consider FIRST cleaning up the terrain inside her body using the terrain and detox protocols. Sometimes major problems disappear after cleansing and detoxing.

For more details, please check the link:

3. Check her for:
Human papillomavirus type 16
Mouse mammary tumor virus

Always do treatments in contact mode with Spooky2 for best results (thats my personal findings for 15 years).

To reach the inner of her body also use a Jamu stick. Just look it up on ebay. Tongkat Madura HERBAL JAMU STICK. Use the dark brown.

4. Lack of menstruation is called amenorrhea - use Amenorrhea CAFL in a healing preset. Also:

Menstruation Disturbances KHZ
Menstrual Problems CAFL

She needs to restore her hormone balance - first, the main reproductive system hormones:

Testosterone Female Normalize Level XTRA
Normalize Estrogen Production Male and Female XTRA
Progesterone Normalize Level XTRA

Plus all the others:

Endocrine RX XTRA
Endocrine System Balance XTRA
Hypothalamus Balance XTRA
Hypothalamus Stimulate Normalize XTRA
Pituitary Function Normalise XTRA

For any remaining fibroids/myomas:

Myoma CAFL
Leiomyoma KHZ
Fibroma XTRA
Fibroids General CAFL

What may be causing the problem:

Endometritis Tuberculosa CAFL
Endometritis Tuberculosa XTRA
Endometriosis 1 CAFL
Endometriosis Chronic CAFL
Uterine Cervical Dysplasia XTRA

Flukes can cause fibroids to form, so she needs to kill them, too. A biofeedback scan should show if they're present.

Please check the attached preset.

For more details, please check the link from:

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