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Any suggestions to programs that can be run permanently. I'm not sure if its beneficial, but I was thinking if one has extra generators that are not doing anything, are there any preventative type measures that can be run just for maintenance purposes?

1. Running programs permanently doesn't make sense to me, however, I do routinely run a number of programs for maintenance purposes. I'm currently running a program set for arthritis for my wife who has knee pain and myself for arthritic joints as well. I have been running this program set non stop for about 4 weeks now and she is showing some small signs of improvement. I have been taking my home made brew of Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon juice, black pepper on most days during this period. In the last week I have been mixing the diced Turmeric root and Ginger root pieces from the brew pot into a glass of about two heaped tablespoons of plain Bio-organic Yogurt and placing that on the kitchen bench overnight with a tissue cover and then eating that the next morning. I feel like my joints are freeing up more and I have not been feeling any pain in my right elbow joint when playing tennis or afterwards any more. I will continue running these arthritis programs for another 2 months for my wife and myself. After that I plan to run it say 1 day a week after that and see how that works out.

Other programs that I run for routine maintenance:
Eye improvement, HPV variants, Streptococcus variants, Chlamydia, Dental & gum diseases, Immune system stimulation, Detox sets, Terrain protocol, Lymph drain & Lymph circulation, Athersclerosis, Ischemia, Blood cleanser, Cancer programs BX,BY, Sinus, Rhinitis, Cancer bone, T Cell Lung sinus bacteria, sore throat.

2. I have recently started running the healing DNA and RNA programs with nice success. Haven't done it long enough to know if it is curative but it is certainly palliative.

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